Professional aerial recordings for film, cinema & TV, based in Hanover Germany

Our technology: Quadrocopter, Octocopter Drone, Gyrocopter + High-End Cameras

Through our many years of experience, in the field of professional aerial recordings for film, cinema and TV, we are among the best in the industry - worldwide! Whether inside or outside, over water or land, the DIGICOPTER® is always ready to go and can be used flexibly for your aerial photographs or recordings in HD - even in difficult, inaccessible terrain. The engines of our gyro-, quadro- and octocopters operate with low noise and are 100% emission-free, so the DIGICOPTER® camera helicopters are also suitable for sensitive environments.
DIGICOPTER® is a well-established team. Our homebase is Hanover. We develop and build the DIGICOPTER® exclusively for our own use, for our work on your set - not for sale. Each of our DIGICOPTER®s is carefully tested and maintained before and after recording. On the set, we are ready for use within 15 to 20 minutes and can immediately get into the air. We are self-sufficient and can take our power from the copter directly at the set. This means a theoretical maximum flight time of 8 hours.
The image material is backed up several times directly after the landing. Any failures or malfunctions are prevented by our quality assurance of the aircraft. Each part is one of the highest quality components that we have purchased from our partner MikroKopter or developed according to our own requirements. We carry a total permissible weight under Germany law depending on the area of operations and customer requirements. Our cameras are standard high-end cameras, which “float” on the copters via gyro stabilization.


DIGICOPTER® is always equipped with spare back-up systems: Multicopter + double power supply + two-fold control electronics. DIGICOPTER® pilots and DIGICOPTER® aircrafts have clearance from the air authorities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


DIGICOPTER® aircrafts for professional aerial photography are helicopters for fast, long flights (gyrocopter) or camera drones (quadro- / octocopter), equipped with the appropriate camera according to the set. First and foremost: the DIGICOPTER® RED EPIC or RED DRAGON. With them we film up to 6K (2014 with RED DRAGON) or HD 1080P with 25P to 240P (GH4 / GH5).

The ideal setup for every use on the set

The flight time per drone battery charge is 5 to 12 minutes, depending on the camera. But we do not have to stabilize recordings on the ground or in the air. This is ensured by the 3-axis camera stabilization system DIGIMOVE®, a steady-cam self-construction.

Thanks to our self-developed flight and camera technology - paired with many years of experience in the field of flight, TV, film, cinema - we are able to implement your screenplay in a simple and straightforward way. You can watch and even record all the camera travel directly on your own screen during the shoot (SD viewer copy).

Mainly interesting, also for TV shows, sports events, concerts and festivals:
DIGICOPTER® can offer a live image to your production via HDTV Wireless Broadcast at any time for inserts or real-time broadcasts.

Application days 2015: 242


· High-resolution camera video / photo 6K?
· Blackmagic Cinema Camera 4K RAW?
· NIKON D5 for Aerial Pictures 21MP
· Panasonic GH5 4K, 1080p / 50P and GH4
· DIGIMOVE® Camera Stabilization System
· ARRI Alexa Mini (optional)
· HDTV Wireless Live Broadcasting
· DJI x5s DNG and ProRes Licence


· Extensive flying experience (10 years)?
· Pilot's license (Martin Rinderknecht) SPL Licence
· Top Cameraman - Nikolaj Georgiew?
· Professional staff on set

Flight safety

· Extra aircraft (drone / octocopter)
· Redundancy and DC SafetySystem®
?· Austro-Control certified?
· Fail-safe due to autopilot and GPS
?· No minimum flying height?
· Insurance protection EU / US?
· Take-off permission


· RC helicopter with GPS for fast flights?
· Multicopter with GPS for flexible use?
· Cheaper than manned helicopter flights?
· Set up almost everywhere?· Stable horizon over all axes?
· Fast and flexible to use?· Worldwide use (Europe, USA, Asia)
?· Immediate evaluation of the material
· DJI Inspire2 and Inspire1 (as Twin-Backup)


· Emission-free and low-noise
?· Low wind turbulence?
· Environmentally-friendly battery operation
?· Own power generator on set


Martin Rinderknecht

Pilot and Engineer

Martin Rinderknecht, born on May 20, 1972 in St. Georgen in the Black Forest. After an apprenticeship in the field of fine engineering, Rinderknecht moved to Hanover in 1992 and, with his partner Anne-Rikta Grobe, opened the RpunktDESIGN Werbeagentur GmbH in 1995, now a renowned and successful advertising agency with 22 employees. Since 2004, Rinderknecht has been working on the development of camera-type helicopters. Since 2009, Rinderknecht has been cooperating with the music-clip producer and world-famous star and advertising photographer Georgiew. Together and with Rinderknecht’s technology, they form the best team for the high-performance aerial recording with DIGICOPTER®.

Nikolaj Georgiew

Camera Operator

Nikolaj Georgiew, born in Sofia on January 19, 1966, is one of Germany's most successful music-clip producers. Georgiew began his career in Hanover in 1989 as an advertising photographer. Since 1998, he has been very successful with music videos, including stars such as Yvonne Catterfeld, Melanie C., Peter Maffay and the DSDS (Germany’s Pop Idol) winners. The proud father of son Aleksan lives and works in Hanover. "I think I count to the top 5 in my class in Germany," says videoclip director Georgiew, without flinching. If you do not believe, click on his homepage: "Number 1 hit" is bold in many of the available videos.

Johannes Heine

Camera Operator

Johannes Heine was born in Müllheim Baden-Wuerttemberg on the 29th of January 1984. He currently lives in Hildesheim where he runs his own production company specialising in music video and image film. His work focuses on exceptional and expressive pictures, making him an ideal fit for the role of DIGICOPTER's second camera operator. Johannes Heine, alongside Nikolaj Georgiew and Martin Rinderknecht, stands for exceptional quality and efficiency. The extensive experience that Johannes gained in film, television and advertising make him an important part of DIGICOPTER's success story.

Natalie Elgert

Booking and Office Management

Natalie Elgert has been working at RpunktDESIGN GmbH in Hanover for 10 years in the area of office management and has been accompanying DIGICOPTER® air recordings since 2006. She is in continuous contact with customers, production companies, TV stations and authorities (take-off permits, flight permits) in order to coordinate the smooth professional flow of all DIGICOPTER® aerial recordings. You can reach Natalie Elgert during office hours at:
E-Mail: Luftpost(at)
Telefon: +49 (0)511-3 500 401

Jörg Kramer

Camera Operator aerial photography

Jörg Kramer was born on November 2, 1965 in the Netherlands. Since 2001 he has worked as an advertising technology manager (RpD advertising technology) and a studio photographer at RpunktDESIGN Werbeagentur GmbH in Hanover. Since the first flights of DIGICOPTER® (2004/2005), he  has taken the aerial photographs as a still camera operator, partly as a pilot with the DJI Inspire 1, and accompanies projects on the set as a photographer. Homepage of RpD Werbetechnik RpD Werbetechnik
E-Mail: Luftpost(at)
Telefon: +49 (0)511-3 500 401

Annika Breitkreuz

Camera and Set Assistant

Anika Breitkreuz was born on January 18, 1984 in Werdau. She has already gained a lot of experience in the organization of short films and music videos in the studio of Nikolaj Georgiew and his wife. Since the beginning of 2009, she has supported the team Georgiew and DIGICOPTER® in all production-related preparations and takes over the organization and peripheral equipment on the set.
E-Mail: Luftpost(at)
Telefon: +49 (0)511-3 500 401

2016: More than 200 DIGICOPTER® flights worldwide

  • 128 Deutschland
  • 14 Österreich
  • 12 Schweiz
  • 10 Spanien
  • 9 Norwegen
  • 8 Schweden
  • 6 Dänemark
  • 5 Italien
  • 5 Belgien
  • 5 Frankreich
  • 5 Polen
  • 5 Kroatien
  • 4 Kolumbien
  • 4 USA
  • 2 Dubai
  • 2 Indien

Jetzt anrufen und sich über DIGICOPTER® Luftbilderdrehs in HD bis 6K informieren!

Wir helfen gerne weiter, DIGICOPTER® Booking: +49 (0)511-3 500 401.
Oder schreiben Sie uns eine E-Mail an Luftpost(at)


Our camera technology is selected for effectiveness. The GH4 / GH5 from Panasonic is currently the lightest and at the same time best camera, which is used for film and advertising for the use eg. in TV. With the possibility to record up to 4K in 4:2:0 MOV, we have shown our material from the GH4 even in the cinema without major cuts.

For many years Panasonic has been a partner of DIGICOPTER® and also of GEORGIEW prior to that, we are able to lend the GH4 free of charge to our customers. We can fly with the GH4 up to 95 km/h. Even above water we often are in action. For this, we use the 12-35 mm 1:2.8f from Leica.

With our specially designed Cage, we can control the sharpness, zoom and aperture in flight. The recording from the moment of the filmed scene is also served by our specially designed remote radio control. Thus, only the material which is directly related to the filmed scene is recorded.
Our RED Weapon 6K is designed for high-end film applications. It records in different formats. From 2k-6k, we can drive image rates from 24P to almost 240Fs / sec.

When DIGICOPTER® is airborne, we record at a ratio of 1:3 in RAW, and can simultaneously also record ProRes thumbnails for fast pace also. Even the new Avid format NxD can be offered to our customers in real-time. This camera leaves nothing to be desired. That's why our customers use it for high-quality commercials, feature films or for later cinema presentation.

We can fly with the RED on the Copter up to 70 km/h without problems. Depending on the local tectonics it can be faster. We fly over water only for an extra charge (additional insurance). Let us advise you. Standard is the Canon Canon 15-85 mm 1:3,5f-5,6f IS (5K), Canon 24-70 mm 1: 4f (6K), Sigma ART 17-35 mm 1:1,8f (5K ) or PL Mount (lenses up to 900 grams) with Anamorphotic lenses (optional).
Sony Alpha für DIGICOPTER

With the Sony Alpha 7 we can fly at night. Due to the immense ISO brightness that this camera provides, we are able to turn the night into day.
BlackMagic Pocket Camera

With the BlackMagic Pocket Camera, we can also fly. But only if it has to be. The camera does not bring any special features compared to the others. Only for special customer wishes will we get that camera from the shelf.

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